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Contributors : Alix Andriani, Angela Knight, Brenda Denbesten, Brook O'Brien, Erica Urquiaga, Jessica Louise, Lily Yeang, Melinda Simpson, Melissa Hamer, Michelle Gaudieri, Michelle Taylor, Monique Rangi, Pryscyla Campbell, Rhianna Fazldeen, Ruth Walker, Sarah Dlugosz, Sheleila D'Paiva, Tanya Bolt, Taryn Prince

Conclusion : Boris Walter (BPsychCouns) Counsellor, Hypnotist, Life Regression Therapist

Compiled by : Yasmin Walter


​What’s it really like to live a FIFO lifestyle? How does it feel to leave your partner for weeks at a time and miss out on all the family birthdays and activities? Is all that money really worth it? And how does the partner at home honestly feel, waiting for the next phone call or airport run? What strategies do people use to cope? And, are they sustainable strategies?


This collection of twenty-two real life stories will give you an inside look at the good, the bad, and very ugly side of FIFO life. Each story was carefully selected to expose everything, and we mean everything, that affects FIFO families today. We want to spark some honest conversations, as well as bring support, guidance and real-life experience to current, past and future wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, and mother in laws, and to those doing it tough, so they know they are not alone, and that there is support available.


When we put out the call for real-life FIFO stories, we had over 300 expressions of interest and throughout all the stories there was a common theme; that FIFO is absolutely not for everyone, but it can be rewarding if you can get the balance right!


From tears of joy on fly-in day, to onsite affairs, substance abuse and everything in between, these stories will inspire, support and encourage open communication.


Release date : Aug 2021

ISBN : 978-0-6451353-3-6  | PAPERBACK

Publisher : KMD Books


    The FIFO Wives' Tales by Yasmin Walter

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